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I actually figured out how to crack open the Vishnu Packer years ago, but I never thought to release the unpacked FPSC raw files until now.

(Hehehehe, I did notice that you chucked the slendy models in a folder named 'Pewdiepie')

Anyhow, here they are... all 7 maps:

while I'm thinking about it, does anybody still have the old version of Sanatorium with the gun ending?

Awesome, thanks for keeping hold of the data for all this time and sharing it! When I created the games back in 2012 source control didn't mean much to me so even I lost the original files. Fun facts: 

  • There are some references to Crude War in the source files, this was a military themed game I was designing back in 2009 / 2010 and still have some of the assets to this day. 
  • The Pewdiepie folder existed because in one of the Sanatorium builds where you can kill Slenderman with the gun there's a PewDiePie minigame where you have to survive against some of his Amnesia characters like the barrels, I can't remember if this was ever publicly released though.

Looking through the files and playing through the old FPSC versions of the maps in general, here are a few interesting details I've noticed.


  • Judging by some unused hud images... Hospice was going to have a Splenderman mode that would be unlocked if you collected 12 lines (equivalent to 6 pages) or more. If I may ask, what was that mode going to be like, and why did it end up being cut?


  • I've noticed that in some playthroughs of this map, such as Markiplier and Yamimash's... the screen was darker due to a vignette effect. Somehow it was missing for many other people. Seems the image that had that effect was named flashlight2.png instead of flashlight.png, the latter of which was what the script file was looking for. Did the map get updated at some point after it's release in which that happened?
  • Typo on the win screen (Your Survived instead of You Survived)
  • The hands on the Slendy model without tentacles are stretched, but are normal on the other two models. This is the case for Claustrophobia and 7th Street too.
  • If you press 1, the memento count goes up 1. Accidental debug feature left in?

Meanwhile I still need to beat Hospice, Elementary, record myself beating Claustrophobia (I got lucky and beat it once with 7 keys, but my luck's been shit at grabbing the correct key on that one ever since), and Prison (although I might not even attempt that one. Timing and difficulty is off the scales with that one.)

1. Just checked out that HUD element and I'll be honest, I've got no recollection of Splenderman or what that mode was meant to be...

2. The maps usually had multiple versions with tweaks, fixes etc. I remember for a short period a version of Mansion was available where I forgot to include the new flashlight vignette. Well done finding the bug!

3. Yeah, the 1 key was a debug feature to test different item counts without going around the level. Was meant to be disabled for production builds but seems some maps / versions have it left in

PS I did release a Prison tutorial video on my channel as I noticed many peeps were struggling with it:

Why the Enter button isn't working? Everytime i press Enter to confirm my glowstick color, nothing happens.

 when I try to launch the mac version, it says that this version it old and the dev has to update it. Is there an updated version for current mac or will be?

Marc or anyone else, help! How do I remove the slender from the map on FPS Creator? I want to explore the map :)

If you manage to extract the raw game files (pretty sure some peeps have managed to do it) you should be able to delete Slenderman's AI script (.FPI file) which will remove him from the game.


Hey. Do you also have the original legacy maps (the ones not remade in Unity) laying around. Just want to relieve some real nostalgia.

I put a few links to some of them in one of the comments below!


Very Cool


Hey Marc! Wanted to say thanks so much for reuploading the game, it brings back some good memories and I like to go back to it every so often just for fun. Now that it's been uploaded again, it's much easier to find and a lot more people can go back and enjoy it.

I will mention, however, for some reason, the game does not allow me to look at the Slender Man for more than about 1-3 seconds, from any distance, without resulting in a loss. This bug unfortunately makes the maps entirely unbeatable. This is new, though, as I had never experienced it before, so I'm assuming it's a problem with Windows rather than with the game itself, so I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. I actually still have the original version of the game first released, and the bug is present there as well, so it's not related to the AI's difficulty spike in v1.3.

Regardless, again, I thank you for uploading the game. Even if I can't win, I still love the game and the atmosphere it presents. And in this day in time, we need things that remind us of the simpler times.


Hi, would you by any chance have the old version of this game with the old graphics like the versions Markiplier and Yammimash played and I played as a kid?

Some of the original maps are linked in the comments below :)


Hi Marc Steene! Can you share the password from the game Slender Mansion, namely the archive 'game.enc'. There are many different cool scripts, such as lightning, slender AI. I belong to those people who in 2021 are still trying to do projects at FPSC. Waiting for reply.

Wow, I can't believe FPSC is still going! Unfortunately I have no idea what the password is, it was packaged with a tool called Vishnu which I think sets the password. I do know that Vishnu extracts the raw files out to some location in your user temporary files so they should be possible to find with a bit of digging.

Deleted 1 year ago
Could you relaunch Slenderman's Shadow but with the old graphics?

Unfortunately all the old source files are gone, it would take quite a bit of effort to recreate things and I don't think there's enough demand for me to do it myself


FPSC Slender AI gives me trauma

Mission accomplished


I want to Return the old Slendy AI 

The New One is op , its to hard to beat this because he teleports right in Front of me 

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The New Slendy dont looks good :) but the Game is awesome 

Hey he's almost 10 years old now, he's not that new ;) Thanks


Nice game dude!! also this is so nostalgic...

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Definitely nice to see this again after the original website went down. Still need to beat Hospice (How slendy killing me from across the other end of the room is considered fair is beyond me), Elementary and Prison on the legacy maps. (Can't remember which maps on the Unity version I have beaten)

These games still get to me just as much as they did back in 2012-13.


If you want to see what I'm talking about regarding slendy's unfair killing techniques on the legacy maps.

Sup Playa. Long time no see. I have a recording of me beating Hospice about 2 years ago. You can use it for reference if it helps you out. 

tengo una duda cuando lo estoy descargando mi anti viru me alerta de un archivo,no recuerdo cual pero nose si hacerle caso o simplemente no hacerle caso,¿alguien me puede explicar eso por favor?

Es mejor simplemente ignorarlo, no he tenido problemas para descargar el archivo yo mismo. Tampoco he tenido ningún problema con mi ordenador.

Hey do you have Sanatorium FPSC 1.1?? I really wanna try the version with the gun! Thanks!

Or version 1.2, cause that is the last version with the gun! Thanks!!!1!!!!


Friendo, you are in luck.

that link contains the gun ending of Sanatorium... as well as the rest of the maps.

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Deleted 2 years ago

Man I remember waiting for these maps to come out in 2012, good times :)


Aahh this is my childhood :)

Thanks for putting it free ! I gave you 2£ to thank you :)

Thanks! :)


brings back memories

I'm having an issue where i'm stuck on the glow stick menu. I tried pressing most of my keyboards and clicking my mouse    but they don't work. What am I supposed to do? I haven't played this game for a while and now I'm stuck with a Mac (Which I hate using).


I made my own posters of locations Slenderman's Shadow :)

Imgur Link

One of them:





Hey marc, i had a question. I'm a longtime fan of the Slendermans Shadow games and have been very interested in modding the fpsc maps. However, any time i try to, the source files seem to be password protected. Is there a way i can still mod these maps and make my own with the fpsc slendermans shadow engine? Thanks!

Which files are you trying to get at? Could be my memory but I don't remember encrypting any of the source files like scripts, audio and textures etc. The FPSC engine only password protects the universe.dbo file (level mesh data) AFAIK, the password for that is "mypassword" as it is with all FPSC games. Hope that helps!

Thank you for the reply! The file im trying to access is game.enc, which i can get into, but i cant open any file in there because its password protected. Using "mypassword" on them doesn't seem to work either, so idk if its something fpsc does or if theres any way around it :/

Deleted 2 years ago

the nostalgia for this was REAL. Still as scary as it was back when it released 

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hey Marc, is there a chance that you will release a 64 bit edition for Mac users? I'd love to re-experience the nostalgic value from these maps once more. (note: I am using the Mac OS Big Sur beta and 32 bit support has been completely cut.)

Hey Vinstrine, unfortunately I no longer have the original source files so I'm unable to build an updated copy of the game :(

i'm sorry to hear that, but thanks for the reply!


Hi Marc, hyped to see that Slenderman's Shadow is back in action. It's probably my favorite indie of all time!

I've got a question...

I've recently got a new 144hz monitor, and the game runs as smooth as silk. But i've noticed the time to look at Slender has heavily decreased from when i was using 60hz, almost like 1 second and i'm dead lol, is there a setting i can change or should i just use 60hz?

Like i said man brilliant game, loving its return. Who knows, maybe they'll be a slendy's shadow remaster some day lol.

Cheers Marc


Haha, I have definitely been tempted to do a remaster. There are so many cool new engine / graphical features such as spatial audio, raytracing, VR etc. that weren't available in 2012 and could complement the game nicely. Glad you enjoyed the games!


Hi, Marc

Is there the source code of the game available somewhere? I‘d like to tweak a little bit around this game and maybe port it to Unity 5. :)

If not, that‘s okay.

Unfortunately even I don't have the original source project anymore :( The closest you'll get are the original FPSC-based maps as the scripts / audio / textures etc. are available to edit in the file structure.


Hi there, Marc.
I've got a question. After your team released the full project of Slenderman's Shadow maps (all maps in one game reworked), your game got to Steam Greenlight. Later on, the game was voted down to be moved from Greenlight directly to Steam store. There was a prompt that said "We've contacted the developers of the game about releasing the game to Steam store" or something along the lines.
And here's my question - what happened next? What made you stop right there, when you've had a chance to grow even more? Why the game wasn't released on Steam? I'm really curious.

Thank you in advance for your response, take care. I'm hoping to hear about your projects once more.


Still says that if you view it in his workshop.


Hey, thanks for your message! I had a lot going on at the time as I developed The Curse of Blackwater immediately after finishing Slenderman's Shadow and then went straight to university after that released so unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get it properly integrated and released on Steam :( 


Oh, that's totally understandable. Anyway, I'm hoping to see it on Steam anytime in the future. Slenderman's Shadow was a part of my childhood in a way, so I get kinda sentimental :D I'm keeping the game on my drive all the time and will probably for ever. From time to time it's really great to be back <3

I remember every time a new map was released, I played it immediately, but quit always just after picking up the first page, because I was so scared and then went to YouTube and watched Markiplier play it for me XD So silly. But back then, I was still a child.

I'd like to thank you for those memories and wish you best luck in your future life and projects :)


Thanks man, that made my day! There are certain games from my childhood that give me nostalgia (Super Mario 64 for example) so to know one of my games has that same place for someone else is awesome.

Deleted 1 year ago

По-моему, заливать на Яндекс для англоязычной аудитории - самый плохой выбор.

Deleted 2 years ago

yo, i enjoyed these a lot, they were really funny. i was wondering how you were able to mod these games though, as it says all the source files for each game is password protected.

how and where did you get the source files to mod this?

getting into the Source files of the Slenderman's Shadow maps is easy, simply use winrar to change the name of Game.enc in the data folder of the map you want to modify to .rar, and it will give you access to the source files, unfortunately from that point you have to work your way around a password if you want to modify the files within Game.enc,

That's kinda why I'm asking hh

I already figured its all in Game.enc but the password is yet unknown, So I'm asking if they got it from somewhere else

If they actually knew the Pass I'd like to know as well, though i guess that about answers the question

Most programs around the internet can crack or wipe the password off the .rar file, or compressed (ZIP) folder.

Not gonna happen for a long while unfortunately lo

Unless anyone is even willing to publicly do so


I'm thrilled to see the return of your games after the Slender Man's Shadow website went down!

I must ask, do you still have the original FPSC versions of the maps (aside from Carnival and I think the Holiday map)?


Hey, great to hear from a longtime player! Just checked my Mediafire account and I've got the following original maps:

7th Street:



Not sure about the others but they're bound to be available online somewhere with a bit of digging.


All maps:

(Thanks to the community for saving this game!)

but 7th Street don't working and idk why


Thanks for finding this and linking! FPS Creator was an unstable engine at the best of times, on newer operating systems I'm not surprised there are issues. 

Do you maybe know a fix for the older slender games not working (crashing in loading screen) ive already tried to search on the internet and nothing worked,

thanks in advance

All I can think of is to run the games using a PC from that era running an older OS (XP / Vista)


i will try to see if that works, thanks for the reply


Very happy to see this game and The Curse of Blackwater come back after the shutdown of the slendermanshadow website. These games bring back so many great memories. Thank you Marc Steene!


Pretty cool game. You got any tips for avoiding Slender Man though? Or is the static a warning that you're about to die?


Thanks! Saving your sprint, using the "sanity" system to your advantage by looking at him to freeze him in place temporarily and learning the map layout and item spawns are all effective tactics.


Ah, i didn't realize i could freeze him. I just wanted to run anytime i saw him, haha. Thanks!


I'm to much of a chicken to properly play this game. Uploaded a let's play of it on YouTube, check it out!

Got copyrighted because apparently the rain sound in your game sounds a lot like a music called Chernobyl made by Gamma Gabriel.

Thanks for playing! The sound in question is released under a Creative Commons 0 License (meaning the work is public domain) and is available here from the original author:

I believe this is an example of copyrighting free sounds to exploit YouTubers like yourself to receive the monetisation :(

Yep, I uploaded a video about the copyright claim. They can't be serious. They claim that the game ambience sounds like their music. Not cool.


Unfortunately a quick search reveals this State51 "company" has a track record of doing this going back years so it seems YouTube hasn't done anything yet to remove them from the platform. They make money by scraping and claiming the sounds as their own to steal ad revenue from content creators. Pretty disgusting and I'm sorry this has affected you.


Yeah, they even target an almost non existence channel like mine. What makes me even mad is that they're probably targeting a lot of other channel too with such a shitty claim. Thanks for your concern by the way. I'll just wait and see what happens next, already filed a dispute over the right.

Can I play this with an AMD Radeon HD 3400, Intel Processor, 2 Gigabyte of RAM, while recording it?

I've never tested the game with that hardware, however the graphics are scalable and the game is 8 years old so most hardware should run it with no performance issues.


Have tested it while recording and It runs quite smooth and only lags on some occasion and location. Santa maps gives me the most lag. I'm uploading the video to YouTube right now, should be finished uploading one hour from now.

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Is this a re upload of the older game? That might be wrong to do.  Also the game gets stuck at the glow stick menu.

The author is the same person that made the game so I guess it's legit IDK though it's so easy to take on someone else's name :|

Thanks for the concern peeps, but it is me :) I've updated all the links on the official YouTube channel to point to here and also released a video announcing free release on

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