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Slenderman's Shadow is a survival horror game based on the Slenderman mythos. Explore 9 terrifying environments, including an old Hospice, an Elementary school, and a Carnival. Discover new areas, complete your mission, and survive the horrifying being pursuing you.

Serial: 2698490809

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorMarc Steene
TagsFPS, Horror, slender, slenderman


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Slendermans Shadow v1.3 PC.zip 311 MB
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On the previously mentioned iceberg video - which Marc himself actually reacted to! (such an honour, btw!) - someone left a comment talking about this box outside the map in Mansion. The commenter says that Marc said it was meant for testing glowsticks - is this true?

EDIT: Messed around with the game, and yes it is

Is Slenderman ridiculously aggressive for anyone else? Every one that I've played, except for mansion, I've died immediately after getting 5 (or 3 in 7th Street).

It's not launching on my Steam Deck, throwing an error at me every time I try. Is there a way to fix it?

Is there any way to make it compatibale to work with mac 64-bit? Because there's no way to play on modern Macs :(


So, as some of you have probably seen, some friends and I have been working on an iceberg video for Slenderman's Shadow in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. Here's the video, for anybody who's interested.

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I am so happy to have come across this! So much nostalgia! Also quick note, I  noticed someone else mention this but in the current 1.3V it seems like that looking at Slenderman from any distance from 1-3 seconds ends your game. He also can teleport on top of you as well. I don't know if this is intentional but I figured I'd let you know. I'm so happy you have brought back this legendary game Marc Steene!

I pressed enter to save and it didn't work how to fix this Marc?

Creepy game. Great work! 



pra voce criador mal posso espera pra outro jogo

Le jeu de mon enfance ! 

A well made survival horror game based in the Slenderman universe offering multiple levels  to traverse with good graphics and  a nice soundtrack definitely recommend playing 5 out of 5

So, Sanatorium v1.1 is finally found after many years

is anybody else unable to open the game after downloading the file? and i missing the launcher or.........?

It certainly is a game

We live in a society 

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So, does anyone by any chance know who sings the Ring Around the Rosie intro in Elementary? I managed to find a full version on YouTube, but couldn't find the singer.

Thanks in advance,



With a bit of script editing, changes to the skybox, and a post effect, I managed to make Claustrophobia during daytime. I personally think it looks amazing


So, MicrosoftWindows and I have worked on a meme mod for Prison, and it's now officially released. You can find the link on our Slenderman's Shadow Iceberg Discord server (https://discord.gg/7fSvvdaqgm)

Here's the video showcasing the mod 


Damn I thought this game was gone forever in any official capacity. So glad to see that its up again now, these games are super nostalgic to me. Thanks for making them! :)

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Hello, Marc. I've got a question for you. Where can i find the meshes you used for Slender Mansion? Espescially that striped sofa. Thank you in advance.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is done. After countless of attempts over the years, I can officially crown myself a Slender Prison champion.


Horrible game.

For people who are scared easily. Great game, the mechanics are really nice and it's really difficult.


Wanted to play some slender so here's a video of me trying out slenderman's shadow! 

Did this earlier today. Still frustrates me every time I watch it back. I'm gonna come in strong and beat it eventually.

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Hey, it's Micro here. Me, including a few more people are interested in this series a lot since it came out, We really love it! Thank you so much Marc for creating this awesome series. We decided to make a discord server about a project we've been thinking about: "The Slenderman's Shadow Iceberg" video, I'm sending a discord link to the server in case if anyone else is interested to help! We also use it to discuss Slenderman's Shadow related things: https://discord.gg/7fSvvdaqgm

Marc Steene... in case if you didn't wanted me to post this link, I'm sorry I'll delete it if you want me to

Kind regards, Micro

Joined :)


Heya, Simon here :)

I'm curious; Marc, are you still working on games as of right now? Would be interesting to hear about any projects you got going on.

Also, I've noticed that for the route I always took when trying to complete the FPSC version of Elementary, Slender is always standing in front of the third teddy bear, in the room to the right after you leave the room with the hanging headless corpse (shown in picture below)is that scripted, or is that just how Slender behaves?

Also, 3 months ago, I finally beat Prison after somewhere between 350 and 400 attempts. (yes, I was really that determined) So yeah, there's that :D

Anyways, I don't really have much else to say

Kind regards, itsPeaceSimon

I released a new game, Umbra, last year which can be found on itch.io. In terms of new projects, I don't have anything planned however I'm waiting to buy some game dev hardware as I just have ultrabooks at the moment so I'll probably get carried away in Unity and something might develop from it when that arrives.

That isn't scripted, I guess it's just some deterministic behaviour that results from his programming.

Well done beating Prison, from what I've seen it's a small club!

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I was one of those people who beated Prison as well (FPSC), you've really done the hardest game in the world haha



I have no words... just watch

Nailed it!


Why am I doing this?


Playlist of all the Slenderman's Shadow games I've beaten so far (including the different modes). These are just from the legacy versions alone. Prison is just burdensome and It's only gonna take a hot minute till I eventually beat it, but I'm still scratching. I'm gonna start beating the Unity versions very soon. Fun fact: I've actually beaten them all except for Carnival, but this was off-video so...time to rerun them all and hopefully I'll beat Carnival in the process.


Carnival was always very tricky for me... because I don't even know what the hell I'm looking for half the time.

(1 edit) (+2)

As for how I got the FPSC raw game files. Well... considering Vishnu is an ancient piece of software by now, I have no qualms about releasing the method I used. So here goes...

It's actually surprisingly simple. Instead of accessing game.enc directly... it's all about finding where the vishnu packer extracts the game files to, and grabbing them from there.

The exact folder that Vishnu Packer extracts the files to when you run it is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ir_ext_temp_0\XrPkTcW6V9.{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} (the last folder may be named something different.)

Now... normally that last folder is special in that it's invisible to File Explorer (explorer.exe) entirely. But if you view the folder in an app like WinRAR or 7-Zip... you can actually go into that folder,  and there you will find the raw FPSC game files... all that's left to do is to copy them all to another folder... and there you have it.


Even better news for you all now. I've also managed to get my hands on V125 of Sanatorium... the last build of Sanatorium with the old gun ending, so here is a zip file containing all 7 maps... with both endings of Sanatorium included now.



Man, you are amazing, It has been years since I have done the gun ending, thank you for finding this. Of course, I have to wonder, how in the hell did you manage to do this lol.


What do you mean? Are you talking about me finding the old version? Someone just so happened to have the old version... and they were kind enough to hand it to me so I could extract it from the vishnu packer.

(1 edit) (+1)

(That person was me btw ^^) I found it on a random Youtube video many months ago

Deleted 1 year ago

Dude you're awesome, thank you so much for this!


hi linux user here 

well i try your game  but i cant move camera it just move up
i can't play game because that

If y'all real what year is it?

(1 edit)

I actually figured out how to crack open the Vishnu Packer years ago, but I never thought to release the unpacked FPSC raw files until now.

(Hehehehe, I did notice that you chucked the slendy models in a folder named 'Pewdiepie')

Anyhow, here they are... all 7 maps: https://mega.nz/file/UbAQmTbA#zsFG-YYoFEQ7ukQVYOFqUNk4eRCzFfHZgQLOpm-4hzw

while I'm thinking about it, does anybody still have the old version of Sanatorium with the gun ending?

Awesome, thanks for keeping hold of the data for all this time and sharing it! When I created the games back in 2012 source control didn't mean much to me so even I lost the original files. Fun facts: 

  • There are some references to Crude War in the source files, this was a military themed game I was designing back in 2009 / 2010 and still have some of the assets to this day. 
  • The Pewdiepie folder existed because in one of the Sanatorium builds where you can kill Slenderman with the gun there's a PewDiePie minigame where you have to survive against some of his Amnesia characters like the barrels, I can't remember if this was ever publicly released though.

Looking through the files and playing through the old FPSC versions of the maps in general, here are a few interesting details I've noticed.


  • Judging by some unused hud images... Hospice was going to have a Splenderman mode that would be unlocked if you collected 12 lines (equivalent to 6 pages) or more. If I may ask, what was that mode going to be like, and why did it end up being cut?


  • I've noticed that in some playthroughs of this map, such as Markiplier and Yamimash's... the screen was darker due to a vignette effect. Somehow it was missing for many other people. Seems the image that had that effect was named flashlight2.png instead of flashlight.png, the latter of which was what the script file was looking for. Did the map get updated at some point after it's release in which that happened?
  • Typo on the win screen (Your Survived instead of You Survived)
  • The hands on the Slendy model without tentacles are stretched, but are normal on the other two models. This is the case for Claustrophobia and 7th Street too.
  • If you press 1, the memento count goes up 1. Accidental debug feature left in?

Meanwhile I still need to beat Hospice, Elementary, record myself beating Claustrophobia (I got lucky and beat it once with 7 keys, but my luck's been shit at grabbing the correct key on that one ever since), and Prison (although I might not even attempt that one. Timing and difficulty is off the scales with that one.)

1. Just checked out that HUD element and I'll be honest, I've got no recollection of Splenderman or what that mode was meant to be...

2. The maps usually had multiple versions with tweaks, fixes etc. I remember for a short period a version of Mansion was available where I forgot to include the new flashlight vignette. Well done finding the bug!

3. Yeah, the 1 key was a debug feature to test different item counts without going around the level. Was meant to be disabled for production builds but seems some maps / versions have it left in

PS I did release a Prison tutorial video on my channel as I noticed many peeps were struggling with it:

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